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Panasonic WV-LZ81/6 Lenses
 Focal Length:8.5~51mm(6x)
 Aperture Ratio:F1.2(wide)to F64,Close
F1.3(Tele)to F64,Close
 Iris Type:Automatic
 Image Size:6.4(H)X4.8(V)mm Equivalent to 1/2"
 Angular Field of View: 1/2°
Panasonic WV-LZ81/10 Lenses
The Panasonic WV-LZ81/10 10x lens offers full motorized zoom and focus operation with an advanced optical system ensuring edge to edge image quality through its entire focal spectrum. A special C-mount adapter enables its use with both C and CS type cameras while a built-in auto iris connection ensures proper exposure in various lighting conditions.
Panasonic WV-LZ80/2 Lenses
The Panasonic WV-LZ80/2 2x vari-focal lens features a special C-mount adapter and can be used with both C and CS, color or B/W CCD cameras. Advanced optics coupled with an innovative design, ensure edge-to-edge sharpness through its entire focal spectrum. An auto iris connection enables various installation locations with the lens maintaining proper illumination under different lighting conditions.
Panasonic WV-LF4R5C3 Lenses

Panasonic Lens, 1/3", Fixed Iris, 4.5mm, f/1.2, CS-Mount

Panasonic WV-LF9C3 Lenses
Panasonic Lens, 1/3, Fixed Iris, 9mm, f/1.2, CS-Mount
Panasonic WV-CP470
Panasonic WV-CP470
Panasonic WV-CL270 Series CCTV System
Panasonic\'s WV-CL270 is the new ½" CCD, low light camera.Combining the ½" CCD with the high precision of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) the design allows images to be captured in light as low as 0.8 lx (when using F1.4 lens).
Panasonic WV-CZ352/302 CCTV System
Panasonic WV-CZ352/302
Panasonic WV-CF212 CCTV System
Panasonic WV-CF212
Panasonic WV-CW470A CCTV System
Panasonic WV-CW470A
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