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Security DVRs--NV7000
- May adjust each camera phantom to pick up rate and the resolution
- may support 4 - 16 sound channel sound recording
- force search: According to the date, the time, the camera, the region, 
  the event, the phantom, with records (log) using the video recording
Security DVRs--NV5000
- Indicator: 2 host cards +2 select and purchase the phantom sub-card - phantom input: 8~16 channel - demonstration number of sheets (NTSC/PAL): Each second 240/200
AVerDiGi SA6416
- The demonstration pattern 1/4/8/16 divisions, and has the entire screen and the automatic diving platform function - event record may choose the event, the operation, the displacement detects, the POS system, the network activity integrity detailed recording - jail looked along with the system available PDA jail looks at 4 groups cameras along with the phantoms, and may the single-channel enlargement and the hearing far-end sound
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