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Telephone Systems and Equipment Product Telephone Systems and Equipment Product

Telephone system & PABX, Keyline Telephone System, IP PBX, Voice Mail System (IVRS),Video & Audio Conferencing System, Call Centre System, Voice Recording System, CCTV System, Projector & Conference Room Equipment, Projector, Projector Screen, LCD  Plasma, Video Conference System, Headset, Structured Cabling System, Telephone & Computer System Re-location & Installation, Computer System Solution , Network Equipment Service, Router & Switch Solution. PowerTech become a NEC master dealer in Hong Kong. PowerTech was provided NEC Topaz wholesales and end users distribution in HK.

Such as: NEC Advance IPK,NEC Topaz,Panasonic KXT 824,Panasonic KXTDA-30,Panasonic KXTDA-100, Panasonic KXTDA-200,Avaya,Nortel BCM,Nortel Telecom Option 51C,Nortel Telecom Option 61C ,Toshiba CTX,Toshiba CIX,Telecare,Cisco,Level One, D-Link,Linksys,Microsoft

Telecom Services Telecom Services

PowerTech know that a high level, strongly, reliability and performance internet's network is the main communication in business today. Build on the lastest and relialility technology. Powertech provide broadband Service, MPLS IP-VPN, IPLC, IP VPN,  VOIP and IDD long distance call service, calling card, and Hong Kong telephone line service. Power Phone, Free Walk, Worldwide Tone, and, are enabling global telecom coverage any time anywhere.

Having been issued the Service-Based Operator License by the Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) of Hong Kong . PowerTech System Ltd became the second licensed IP telecommunication service provider in Hong Kong.
With IP technology, aside from providing all kinds of telecommunication services, such as voice services (local calls, IDD calls, IP Centrex, etc.), data services (fax, VPNS, etc), and internet services like any other fixed-line companies, it also provides the only “5802” phone numbers in Hong Kong, and will gradually launch other high tech professional services such as mobile MSN, IPTV and so on. These services offer multiple communication models for clients and enhance the competitive edge for the company.

以Cisco SPA 500為主题以一站式商務通訊功能

商業電話服務包括基本功能專用電話號碼,內線撥號 來電顯示,
轉接及待接 來電轉駁,駐留及提取 三方會議,

一站式商務通訊服務配合Cisco SPA 300潮流


PowerTech IP VPN助你連繫全中國

月費HKD 1880起


PowerTech PBX 高智能商業通訊系統 HKD130線已包括電話會議, 來電等待, 來電暫等候, 來電轉移

Business Keyline System

Office equipment to help you develop an all-rounded business




Voice Over IP News & Trends: What to Expect in 2021




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