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Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol Projector Screen
- The outlook artistic
- has the patent inner spindle electrically operated installment system, the operation does not have the noise peacefully.
- May add seperately the wireless remote control.
Da-Lite Tensioned Cosmopolitan Electrol Projector Screen
- Has the positioning device system, about the silver screen nearby two may adjust the silver screen level.
Da-Lite Designer Contour Manuel with CSR Projector Screen
- The artistic streamline form outer covering, suits the family theater and the conference room use.
- Is equipped with the evolution type reflex winding function, the security and reduces speed the reflex winding speed tranquilly, grows its life.
- May lock the picture altitude at will, coordinates each kind of showing form.
Da-Lite Class-Rite Projector Screen
- Classroom special-purpose manual screen.
- Lasting durable, the operation is tranquil.
Da-Lite Da-Snap Projector Screen
- Hangs the wall or the mizar wall body suitably.Before
- may coordinate to throw the projection screen material use which, the back throws.- Provides the perfect smooth surface to make the projection.- Black frame.- May add seperately the fabric surface frame design.
Da-Lite Cinema Contour Projector Screen
- may coordinate to throw the projection screen material use which, the back throws.
- The frame has 45° the cutting edge design.
- Black frame.
- May add seperately the surface frame design.
Da-Lite Picture King Projector Screen
- The specialized three-legged support suits uses frequently.
- A durable aluminum nature support foot toe set of structure, provides the highest stability continually.
- In sets at the textile fiber buckle to guarantee the silver screen in to ship and to rise a to fall receives the protection.
Da-Lite Presenter Projector Screen

- Facilitates extremely carries, the weight only then 5 pounds, highly are short in
- the portable-type screen, is suitable in for a long time in outwork poor person Shi.

Da-Lite Deluxe Insta-Theater Projector Screen
- Convenience collection, dexterous Yi Yong.
- Designs specially the barometric pressure twists cuts the type elevating gear, but simple adjusts the silver screen altitude.
- Is suitable for the family theater, the publication meets and the multipurpose exhibition hall.
Da-Lite Versatol Projector Screen
- Attaches the ladder unscrambler to be possible to prevent the phantom twists.
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