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Sony PCS-1 Video Conferencing System
The PCS-1 videoconferencing system provides the latest in conferencing technology and user features that are easy to use while conforming to all industry standard. The system reaches speeds up to 2 Mbps over IP networks and up to 768 Kbps over the ISDN network. The PCS-1 offers a high performance internal MCU option connecting up to six sites for a videoconference using any combination of ISDN or IP connections with the optional multipoint software option.

Sony PCS-G7ON Video Conferencing System
The flagship PCS-G70 video communication system is Sony\'s latest solution to meet the needs of our high-end customers. The PCS-G70 boasts a maximum video transfer rate of 4 Mb/s over an IP network, and it provides the highest resolution video of all models in the PCS Series. By adopting the H.263 video codec/4CIF format, the PCS-G70 produces image resolution comparable to that of standard TV broadcasts. It can also be used with the H.264 video codec for higher throughput and with previous versions of the ITU-T videoconferencing codecs to maintain compatibility with legacy systems.
Sony PCS-G50 Video Conferencing System
Excellent Video Quality / High-Speed Network Connection
1、Supplied with CCD PTZ (Pan/Tile/Zoom) Camera unit, PCSA-CG70P, providing x10 Optical Zoom, Auto focus, 6 Presets positions, Auto White Balance and Back Light Compensation functions
2、Compliant with ITU-T H323 standard for network-based videoconferencing at up to 4Mb/s
3、Compliant with ITU-T H320 standard for ISDN-based videoconferencing at up to 2M/s using optional PCSA-PRI ISDN unit
Sony PCS-TL30 Video Conferencing System
The PCS-TL30 can be configured by simply plugging it into a compatible LAN (minimum 56Kpbs, up to maximum 2Mbps) and making a few quick settings on its intuitive set-up menu. The PCS-TL30 supports data-transfer rates of up to 2 Mb/s over IP networks (H.323), making high-quality videoconferencing possible.
Sony PCS-TL50 Video Conferencing System
All-in-One Design
20” LCD display with WXGA resolution (1280 x 768) which supports 16:9 & 4:3 aspect ratios
Built-in PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Camera with privacy shutter
Dual-integrated speakers and microphones
Equipped with a handle marking it easy to carry
Easy Setup and Use
Built-in Network Interface supports data-transfer rates of up to 2 Mb/s
Optional ISDN connection supports of up to 768 kb/s
Supports Multi-tasking - working on PC and Videoconference simultaneously
Polycom VSX 3000 Video and Audio Conferencing System
- Most is suitable Manager Yu the office or most holds 4 human of small conference room
- 17 inch liquid crystal display curtain also to be possible to serve as the PC monitor, thus saves the tabletop space
- use newest video frequency technology and the standard, provides the splendid video frequency performance
- talking pictures microphone and the speaker accomplishes the outstanding acoustics
Polycom VSX 5000 Video and Audio Conferencing System
- Most is suitable for the conference room is small also the member few video frequency conference
- remarkable performance-to-price ratio
 - seeing and hearing performance is extremely good, the important function complete
- and all people in attendance with ease use in common the material together
Polycom VSX 6000 Video and Audio Conferencing System

- The AES encryption
- supports the SIP standard
- to support H.264 the video frequency compression
- 14KHz high quality audio frequency (Siren 14)
- the valuable advantage to pass encirclement talking pictures technology (StereoSurround)

Polycom VSX 7000 Video and Audio Conferencing System
- (May hold above 40 people) to the large-scale conference room the ideal choice
 - uses the newest video frequency science and technology and the standard, produces the ultra imagination natural image
 - embedded speaker and the ultra bass brings the outstanding audio frequency performance, makes the high quality the sound
 - with ease to use in common the demonstration draft, the film cutting, the audio frequency editing and the picture in the video frequency conference
Polycom VSX 7000e Video and Audio Conferencing System
- Attains the great honor repeatedly the fission type video frequency conference product, suited the large and middle scale rooms, the flexible unprecedented
- large and middle scale rooms (most might have 40 people) the ideal choice
- may with any conference room, the flat-panel display, the plasma monitor and the LCD monitor seamless integration
- field most advanced Pro-Motion& video frequency technology has provided the smooth natural animation and the clear bright image, thus achieved the splendid video frequency effect
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