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Features & Specifications 

Anytime Anywhere Conference

Ideas discussed over conference calls are important. Ideas like how to grow your business, streamline operations and boost sales. Collaboration tools like audio-conference phones facilitate communication of ingenious ideas, ensuring your teams are on the same page and keeping you in touch with customers. Your ideas have a mind of their own and definitely are not confined in one place, so where should your conference phone be?

Introducing the SYNERG WCP-1000 wireless audio-conference phone, the conference phone for the 21st century. A conference phone that moves as fast as your business, being accessible where you need it when you need it.

l     Anytime Anywhere Conference

l     Flexibility

l     Anytime, anywhere conference calls

l     Cost slashing

l     Eliminate labor and hassle

l     Wireless elegance

l     No need to hide wires or be stuck with a tangle on the table


l     Wireless freedom enables conference calls to be held outside the vicinity of a telephone jack

l     Patented echo cancellation algorithm constantly adjusts to optimize audio for any environment

l     Extended battery life supports never ending conferences

l     Superior crystal clear audio quality with no voice clipping


Enterprise and businesses of all sizes

Adaptable to different office layouts

Conference and facility rooms without a telephone jack

Businesses with a need for ad-hoc conferences where the action is

Hold conferences at the cubicle, CAD room, machines shop, factory floor, warehouse, etc.

Key Features

l     POD

l     Radio

l     2.4 GHz Digital FHSS

l     Digital signal processing operation

l     Voice encryption for maximum security

l     Out of range warning

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