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What Will 5G Technology be Capable of?

What Will 5G Technology be Capable of? So what will 5G technology actually be capable of? It’s safe to say that there will be another significant boost in mobile connectivity, for both personal use and for business applications. It’s also likely that Unified Communications (UC) packages will have more and better features for businesses. While there is no hard information available on the 5G standard, we can expect data transmission speeds approximately 10 times faster than current technology allows. This means that download speeds of 10 GBs per second would be possible, even over a wireless connection. Contrary to previous generations, where massive cell towers transmitted data signals to diverse geographic locations, 5G signals may possibly be transmitted by much smaller towers, or network cells, which are deployed in far greater numbers. These kinds of network cells might be no bigger than home routers, but would still be very powerful. At any rate, we shouldn’t have to wait long, because the first commercial deployments of 5G technology could come as soon as the year 2020, and possibly even sooner than that.
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