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IP Phone market research

Market Scenario: The global IP phones market is estimated to expand at an impressive growth rate during the forecast period (2018-2023), observes Market Research Future (MRFR). As hosted and cloud communications continue to gain traction, the market for Internet Protocol (IP) phones has soared high in the past few years. Moreover, as IP phones are not restricted by physical phone connections, they are increasingly being deployed in small and large enterprises. In addition, growth of e-commerce industry and growing dependence of enterprises on web-based solutions and services has accelerated the market growth in a big way. Although the global IP Phones Market shows immense promise, its over-dependence on an internet connection with high bandwidth availability could potentially curb the market growth during the forecast period. However, constant demand by enterprises for efficient call management and reduced call costs thrusts the market higher. Furthermore, the global market is also thriving on the back of various technological innovations in terms of pricing, shapes, capabilities, integration, and multimodal communications.
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