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IBM xSeries 200 8478
- CD-ROM Drive IBM 48X max-20X min
CD-ROM / CAV (ATAPI) / bootable
- CPU Intel Pentium(r) III; 1000B MHz
- Hard Disk Drive 00N8204 IBM 20GB
ATA-100 EIDE HDD 00N8205 IBM 18.2GB
7200rpm Ultra160 SCSI HDD
IBM xSeries 205 8480
-designed and packaged with features intended specifically for cost-conscious, small and medium businesses
- combines leading industry-standard technologies, excellent internal data storage capacity
IBM xSeries 255 8685
- the comprehensive server and storage solution providing maximum internal scalability
- 4-way Intel Xeon processor performance and industry-leading system management
IntelliStation A Pro
- Most has four cores in the dual processor disposition, promotes the potency
- the thermal characteristics which - strengthens a single core system more effective multiplex work to provide the province electric work largely to be able
- the present work system which provides with the most important supplier to be more accommodating than
IntelliStation M Pro (M50)
- 靈活的配置選項,可支援雙圖形,記憶體最大可升級成 8GB ·
- 設計精巧,佔用空間小,插槽與機槽插拔方便
- 支援 32 及 64 位元應用程式 ·
- 提供用戶端系統管理工具,可加快部署應用程式,並指出特定潛在問題
Dell Edge 1800 Server and Terminal
- an entry level, rackable tower server that will deliver a balance of availability, manageability and expandability at an affordable price
- will be a great platform for file/print sharing, workgroup applications
- will be a flexible server with great value for any organization.
Dell Edge SC 1430 Server and Terminal
- Is the general double slot vertical server
- suits extremely only then few or does not have the IT staff\'s enterprise
- to be able to have the pointed hypothesis related technology according to the customer unique service demand
Dell Edge 840 Server and Terminal

- The general single processor slot vertical server
- is the small business and the far-end office organization ideal choice
- regarding the small and medium-sized enterprise, it is the operation work group group applies, like the email, the file/series printing use in common, the information bank manage and use in common the Internet deposit and withdrawal the perfect platform.

Dell Dimension E520 Server and Terminal
- The highest disposition Intel® CoreTM 2 pair of core processor E6300 (the 2MB two levels takes quickly including the ultra thread technology, front end 1066Mhz bus)
- high to 4GB double channel DDR2 SDRAM.
May promote to 2GB double channel DDR2 667Mhz SDRAM
Dell Dimension C521 Server and Terminal
- High to AMD Athlon 64 X2 double core processor
- high to 4GB double channel DDR2 SDRAM (533MHz)
- high to ATI® Radeon X1300 Pro 256MB
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